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Acceptance Technique Certified Coach
18 años de experiencia en el uso de la Técnica
Author of the book "The Power of Love and Inner Peace"


Ayudo como Coach de Paz y Consciencia a eliminar el sufrimiento en las personas y a mejorar en todas las áreas de su vida a través del proceso cuántico de Acceptance Technique.

He ayudado a miles de personas alrededor del mundo:

  • Raise their level of consciousness and mental clarity
  • Improve the quality of their personal relationships
  • Transcend their most difficult stages
  • Regain their tranquility and inner peace
  • Recover the passion and joy for life
  • Increase their level of security and confidence
  • Manage their emotions effectively
  • Have better results in life

Sesión Personal

Esta sesión es un encuentro en línea con el coach: Veronica Gonzalez, who will help you to solve your unresolved or unbalanced issues on a physical, mental and emotional level. She will guide you through a very special transformational process, so that you achieve a greater self-awareness, clarity, peace and well-being. Each session helps you to raise your consciousness and overcome the obsyacles that prevents you from living a life in greater harmony and peace.

Please check the sessions rules & guidelines

Includes exclusive transformation program:

  • Online access to a year of weekly transformation and inner peace lessons.
  • Videos with deep teachings and processes to achieve greater personal transformation and inner peace.
  • Audios with special frequencies designed to support your healing process.
  • Guided meditations that will help you find inner peace and improve your emotional well-being.
  • Practical exercises that will help you find greater clarity and inner peace.
  • Powerful phrase of the week to continue promoting your growth and transformation.
  • Recommendations for additional readings to further delve into your personal development.

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