Sessions Guidelines

Attending your session

  • Make sure to select a space that is private and free from distractions and interruptions. (noise, calls, cell phones, children, pets etc.) so that this contributes to a favorable environment in your session.
  • Please be punctual. In case of being late, the time of the session will be lost since we have other sessions and we need to finish on time.
  • Make sure to select the right time zone for your country. If you do not attend the appointment for this reason, it is lost and there is no refund.
  • The person needs to be rested to be able to perform adequetely the inner work on the day of the session.
  • If a date change is required in the session, we ask that you do so at least 48 hours in advance of the appointment via the email reminder system. If you do not attend the appointment, it is lost and there is no change of date, or refund.

Session guidelines

  • Regular sessions are not transferable.
  • Promotional sessions are not transferable and cannot be rescheduled.
  • In packages the sessions have a maximum validity of 2 months after taking your first session.
  • The sessions of the packages will be scheduled entirely within the calendar by the student every week or every fifteen days depending on the urgency. (The option to SCHEDULE YOUR NEXT SESSION will be available on the confirmation page)

Technical guidelines

  • Make sure that the audio and video of the computer, tablet or cell phone that you are going to use in your session work correctly.
  • Make sure you have enough battery in your device to properly complete your session.
  • Make sure your internet signal is optimal to have a satisfactory connection in our session.


  • We understand that emergencies exist. For us, an emergency is a fortuitous event that happens unexpectedly such as an accident, cataclysm or illness that disables the person from attending the session. In case of an emergency, please notify us immediately to cancel and reschedule the session for a later date.

Acceptance Technique Team

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