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About us

Ricardo Martinez

Creator and Founder of Acceptance Technique

My story begins in a childhood where loneliness, abuse, lack of love and abandonment were part of my daily life, with vicious cicles that had no apparent end, leaving me in my youth hurt and with little chance to progress.

However - despite all these adversities - I felt a great calling to the energy world; the spiritual world, and that was the powerful impulse that made me leave my zone of suffering to start a great life journey, one that would transform my traumas of the past into valuable learning.

There were many years of training and learning, guided by wise earthly and spiritual teachers, where I learned about powerful ways of problem solving by alternative methods, neurolinguistics, bioenergy, neuroplasticity, quantum physics, hypnosis, universal energy, yoga and meditation. Personally, the most impressive thing I learned was becoming aware of how the inner mental universe worked, and the great positive effect it has on our lives.

As time progressed, I implemented this knowledge to increase my self-awareness and happiness, but i felt that my mission could go even further. That is why, when i attained a sufficient level of clarity and wisdom, I decided to help others to increase their level of consciousness, wholeness and mental development.

This is how Acceptance Technique, a powerful quantum process that helps in the resolution of trauma and instantly reduces suffering, increasing the level of inner peace, self-awareness amd consciousness. I teach this technique to others, and to date, it has produced amazing results with thousands of people in different countries.

For over 30 years I have used this quantum process to help thousands of people around the world to:

  • Raise their level of consciousness and mental clarity.
  • Improve the quality of their personal relationships.
  • Get out of their most challenging and difficult stages in life.
  • Regain and increase their happiness and inner peace.
  • Recover the passion and joy for life.
  • Increase their level of security and self-steem.
  • Manage emotions more effectively.
  • Achieva and attain better results in life..

I have published several books, including: The Inner Universe and Awaken your Consciousness, where i share the teachings of the basic principles of Acceptance Technique.

Currently I am still embarked on this personal mission - in which I have been a participating for over 30 years - and its objective has been achieved by constantly increasing the level of consciousness, peace, well-being and happiness in the collective around the world.

Creator of the all the levels of The Acceptance Technique process
Thirthy years of experience in personal and organizational coaching
Author of 7 books and international speaker

Veronica Gonzalez

Co-founder of Acceptance Technique

My name is Verónica González and I am a faithful student of life. I take every experience as a great opportunity to learn and grow. I am constantly learning new tools that allow me to improve my life and that of others. I constantly seek to empower my being to achieve and facilitate my creation.

Mi vida ha cambiado radicalmente ya que desde que utilizo el proceso cuántico de Acceptance Technique como parte de mi vida diaria, he conseguido aumentar mis niveles de consciencia, lo que me ha permitido obtener grandes niveles de paz interior y he logrado una transformación profunda que me permite gozar de la vida con más disfrute. 

The process developed by my teacher and mentor Ricardo Martinez, is a powerful tool that you can apply daily at any time to heal any situation. I discovered that this wonderful technique is an excellent tool that I can apply daily to any situation, it helps me to cope better with my emotions and with all the people in my life! It has been an amazing transformational trip and now I share all this wisdom with the world!

Through my own personal transformation and experience, I help other people in their own awakening, as I am passionate about teaching others how to live happier lives. I really enjoy sharing with others how to raise their personal vibration, increase their levels of inner peace, love, gratitude, and happiness. Witnessing my transformation has also allowed me to find my true life purpose, which makes my life experience so much more enjoyable!

Through all these years I have collaborated with Ricardo helping him to create new consciousness communities in Mexico, the United States and Canada. This incredible work by has helped many people to awaken to their true selves by increase their levels of consciousness and has also teach them how to raise their own personal vibration. This opportunity has led me to live incredible experiences with them, which have allowed me to increase my wisdom and self-esteem!

Soy autor del libro “El Poder del Amor y la Paz Interior”,  el cual comparto con todas aquellas personas que están en busca de Amor y Paz en sus vidas. Este libro fue posible escribirlo, ya que tantos años de crecimiento personal han hecho posible una gran transformación en mi teniendo un cambio de vida invaluable. También soy Co-autor de otros libros en colaboración con las enseñanzas de Ricardo Martinez.

I help to awaken people's consciousness through Acceptance Technique, which I have the honor of being Co-Founder. Currently I collaborate with a group of women where I help them to awaken their consciousness through online classes. I assist them in their lives by sharing & teaching them tools for their personal growth. This also helps me, because when i share all of this wisdom with them i keep learning and growing!

I keep advacing every day through my own path of enlightenment while I keep learning new ways to help and guide others towards their own awakening. I firmly believe that my own personal awakening contributes in the awakening of the collective and also of planet!

Coach of Inner-Peace and Consciousness
Author & Speaker in Awakening and Consciousness
Acceptance Technique Coach

Our specialties

By using our unique process you will develop a greater self-awareness skill that will allow you to break free of your self-sabotage and limits in life more quickly.
Our quantum tools and processes are 100% practical and designed to help you transform yourself into a more conscious and elevated version of yourself.
Through our unique process you will be able to make very deep changes within yourself, and these will produce the external changes that you want so much in your relationships and in your life.
Our sessions are an excellent tool to improve your personal relationships. Whether you want to improve any relationship as a couple, family, friendship or work, our quantum process will help you achieve your goals.
Continuous use of our Acceptance Technique teaches you to identify and release negative emotions caused by any event in life. In this way you will respond better to any situation that comes your way and you will feel free from how other people act.
With the understanding and practice of our quantum tools you will see how the clarity of your mind and the peace within you constantly increase. You will notice how your level of anxiety, anger, sadness and suffering fade more and more.
Our sessions and courses help to heal your interior and lower the level of stress, tension and accumulated anxiety. This results in an improvement in your mental, emotional and physical health.
Our sessions and tools help you to get ahead of any difficult stage in which you find yourself; stress, separation, divorce, loss of someone, anxiety, depression, loneliness, lack of work, health, etc.
Through our sessions and courses, people are increasing their level of consciousness and responsibility. This has a huge impact on your level of consistency, confidence, leadership, and your results.
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