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What is Acceptance Technique?

After more than 30 years of helping individuals and organizations, we have developed a truly powerful methodology that we call the Acceptance Technique.

Eliminate suffering and regain your inner peace
Find clarity and understanding from within
Overcome & transcend quickly any challenge
Learn to manage your emotions
Increase your level of confidence and leadership
Regain your passion and align yourself with your life purpose
Awaken your self-awareness and increase your level of consciousness
Achieve quantum changes in your life

The Acceptance Technique process is designed to help people eliminate their suffering and to transform their challenges into clear opportunities.


Acceptance Technique is a powerful quantum process developed by Ricardo Martínez that dissolves suffering and attachment to our limiting beliefs. This allows people to increase their level of inner peace, mental clarity, and self-awareness.

This magnificent quantum tool can be applied individually for anyone who is in search of greater awareness, mental clarity, inner peace and quality of life. In organizations it is used to develop a greater level of harmony among staff and to develop more aware leaders who are able to achieve a higher level of results.


  • It teaches the basic elements of the inner universe and lays the foundation for the awakening of personal consciousness.
  • Immediately dissolves suffering, transforming the person into a more self-aware and harmonious being.
  • It helps us to develop a greater mental clarity, inner peace, and better results in our life.


  • A more advanced version of the Acceptance Technique quantum process is applied, to help us release the limiting beliefs that affect us in any type of personal or work relationship.
  • It works with more advanced mental projections that help us find and transform the limiting beliefs that are very hidden in the mind.
  • It is ideal to improve all our personal relationships, work teams and self-aware leadership.


  • A higher version of the Acceptance Technique quantum process is applied to help release attachments and identities.
  • We use the presence of our inner self to release the limiting attachments and identities that are causing suffering in our life.
  • It is ideal for increasing the level of our spiritual awareness, raising our vibration, releasing attachments and eliminating the negativity of the ego.

At any of its levels, this process is very powerful as it works energetically in the body, mind and spirit. Therefore, it contributes significantly to increase the peace & well-being of any person.


  • Transform inmediately your suffering into inner peace
  • Improve relationships with your partner, children, boss, coworkers, etc.
  • Increase your confidence and security
  • Develop greater mental clarity
  • Experience immediate empowerment
  • Learn to manage your emotions
  • Overcome any difficult stage
  • Release guilt, resentment and prejudice
  • Improve your quality of life, health and well-being
  • Recover the passion and meaning of life
  • Improve your personal leadership
  • Increase your personal and work efficiency
  • Learn to communicate more directly, effectively and peacefully
  • Achieve your goals
  • Improve your personal discipline
  • Release any stress related to your work situation
  • Increase your vital energy
  • Release your accumulated stress
  • Learn to create new realities with greater love, abundance, peace and happiness
  • Improve the connection with your inner-self

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