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Our site is dedicated to the awakening of consciousness, inner peace and personal transformation. Our powerful tools will help you to eliminate instantly your suffering, while increasing your self-awareness and inner peace. Our main difference is that we use the powerful quantum process of Acceptance Technique as the basis of our teachings. This great process was created 30 years ago by Ricardo Martínez and since then it has transformed thousands of people around the world.

At Acceptance Technique we achieve extraordinary results of personal and organizational transformation through our personal sessions, ebooks, courses and challenges.

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Our personal sessions are 100% practical and very effective for personal transformation. Our unique powerful process manages to successfully explore, resolve and release any personal or organizational situation that arises.



Our online courses are very practical and effective for increasing consciousness. These challenges and courses will help you to develop successfully the self-awareness skills that are necessary to transcend any personal situation.



Our ebooks offer very valuable wisdom for personal growth and self-awareness. We have different stories loaded with wisdom that make the learning process easier and more entertaining.


What our clients say ...

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The sessions with Ricardo Martínez and the Acceptance Technique have helped me a lot to find peace within myself, since previously I had a lot of accumulated pain. Now I have discvered a level of inner peace that I had never known. The most important thing that I have achieved with the practice of this Technique is to know me better and love myself. Thanks!

Elizabeth Cruz


I want to deeply thank Vero and the Acceptance Technique for the great transformation and transmutation that they have achieved in me and in my emotions. I arrived in a really impoverished state of being and thanks to this wonderful process I have been able to begin to create consciousness, and begin to see myself in the light that I have always been and have had. I see myself in a more loving way and as a projection of that, my environment and my relationships are bathed in that beautiful light.

Daniela Medina

San Jose del Cabo

When i met with Vero, i was very sick due to chronic kidney failure where, i needed a transplant protocol. Immediately I could see great changes in my health since my blood pressure started to get balanced. I also was able to lower my cholesterol and triglycerides. I have been more stable and I have also had great changes on an emotional level, where now I feel more secure and my family and professional relationships have improved.

Sofia Chavez


My sessions with Ricardo Martínez have been excellent. In my opinion, the Acceptance Technique is the best tool I have known to quickly heal our insides and produce a very deep transformation. I highly recommend it!

Billinda Pita


I highly recommend Ricardo Martínez'sessions with the Acceptance Technique process since in me it generated radical changes that led me to experience states of peace and happiness that I had never known in my life. Before I suffered a lot from attacks of aggression and anxiety, and all that has been left behind for good. In a couple of sessions you can see the great benefits obtained, and the people around me noticed them too. Thanks!!

Angel Alvarado


The sessions with Ricardo Martínez have helped me achieve greater mental clarity and inner peace. This inner peace has helped me a lot to improve my relationship as a couple and with my family. I have also managed to solve other important situations thanks to this new clarity. Thank you!!

Angelica Sanchez


I decided to start with Verónica's sessions since I have gone through difficult situations such as the loss of my mother and disfunctional marriage. With the help of the Acceptance Technique I have been able to remove deep layers of guilt, I have managed to reconnect with myself, and remove very stuck fears that I have carried for a long time. Now i have way more innerpeace!

Adriana Pimienta


I felt alone, with a big blockage in my throat and after the first session with Verónica, I feel so free, confident and relaxed. Divinity put her in my way. Thanks!

Veronica Vazquez

San Jose del Cabo

The Acceptance Technique process is wonderful because with it I have learned to heal many deep layers. It is wonderful to practice this technique as a meditation. Things start to flow and happen magically life.

Margaret Ubilla


My life has changed a lot with the sessions I have received from Ricardo Martínez. The main benefits that I have detected are greater self-knowledge, less stress, less judgment towards others and greater inner peace.

Daniel Herrera


I am amazed at how we unconsciously block energy and how self-awareness of that subconscius blocked energy can make many positive changes. After the first session, i find it incredible all the things that i have changed! I feel with an impressive energy inside me!

Maria Herrera


After living for many months in a deep state of sadness and depression, I took a few sessions with Ricardo Martínez and I could immediately see great changes in my life. I achieved the highest levels of peace and joy that I had never known in my life. Now I live a life with greater awareness and with greater purpose. I am very grateful to have known the teachings of the Acceptance Technique.

Manuel Faria


Llegué a Vero en un estado de crisis y desconección y con ella pude reconectarme y aprender a aceptarme más, identificando lo que suprimía y lo que culpaba afuera en los demás.. Ahora reconecto a mi poder interno y al poder mirarme en quien me quiero convertir. Es maravilloso poder entrar y conectar a mi poder con la guía de Vero.

Maria Herrera

Mérida Yucatán

The Acceptance Technique has changed my life in many ways. First of all, it has helped me to know myself better and to know that my state of mind directly influences the outcome of the situations that arise in my life. It has helped me a lot to improve my direct and indirect relationships, both in the family and in the company. The leadership in my company has changed in a very noticeable way, since now instead of looking for a guilty person, we focus on helping ourselves achieve the result as a team. There have been many changes in my life and I am very grateful with Ricardo Martínez for teaching us this new way of operating in life. Thanks!

Luis Aguilar


I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Ricardo Martinez for bringing so many benefits to my life. After experiencing a major challenge in my life, I was having a hard time adjusting to that change. I was struggling for more than 3 years to try to regain my balance and peace. I tried many different types of therapies with no great results. In a few sessions with the Acceptance Technique I managed to transcend all my challenges and fully regain my peace and harmony!

Joanne Cretti


Before starting my sessions with Ricardo Martínez I was very anxious and struggled to focus on the things I wanted to achieve. As soon as I started my sessions I saw my anxiety disappear, my mind cleared and it was easier for me to focus on my goals. This is how I managed to finish my career in osteopathy and real estate. I highly recommend these sessions with the Acceptance Technique for anyone stuck in work, school, relationships, or in life. Thanks!!

Erick Herrera


The sessions with Ricardo Martínez helped me a lot to improve my leadership style in the company. I was able to see and understand more clearly the situations with my other colleagues to avoid conflicts. I have learned to be more observant and aware of what happens inside of me and this has helped me avoid conflicts with other people in my company. It has also helped me a lot to improve my relationships with my partner and my family.

Yanko Toto


I am very grateful to Ricardo Martínez for having introduced me to the teachings of the Acceptance Technique. Thanks to this technique I have learned to manifest the things that I love the most in this life. This is the way for humanity to awaken its consciousness and learn to create a world with a higher level of happiness, abundance, love, joy and peace. Namaste!

Tonia Dohot


I took some sessions with Veronica and they helped me a lot to realize that I was always unconscious and being aware of all the things that were happening in my life. It helped me to become more aware and be more present in life. Thanks to this many things dont bother me anymore.

Noralba Mazuera


Before working with Ricardo Martínez, I used to get up every morning with a lot of pain in my muscles and in my back. I would take more than 15 minutes of stretching each day just to be able to move normally. After a few sessions with the Acceptance Technique my stiffness and pain disappeared and to my surprise I realized that I had become a more flexible person in almost every aspect of my life. This has helped me greatly to appreciate and enjoy my life. Thanks!!

Peter Dennis


I have known Vero for 4 months where I have paticipated in 2 courses and a personal growth process to strengthen my inner being. The results have been very satisfactory. It is an emotional process that takes me to a higher state of consciousness.

Yormen Mazuera


I was feeling very overwhelmed and Vero helped me overcome my problem. I had a session with her again and she made it possible for me to find that connection with myself. I am very happy, calm and relaxed.

Thamara Hernandez

San Jose del Cabo

I was recommended to try the Acceptance Technique proces with Vero and I feel very good. I have changed many patterns and from being very restless, now I feel calmer, it is fantastic!

Doriz Mazuera


The sessions with Ricardo Martínez helped me a lot in my personal and organizational issues. The most important thing for me is that my level of confidence, security, peace and well-being have been constantly increasing. It has allowed me to better understand other people and this has had a very positive impact on my organizational leadership, my personal relationships and the relationship with my partner.

Erick lopez


I loved tthe first session because I was going through a very difficult situation where I felt very different, as if I had been transported to another world. Now I feel calm and haved learned a powerful technique to face better the different situations that present in my life.



Ricardo Martínez's teachings have helped me tremendously in my life experience. Thanks to the Acceptance Technique I have managed to raise my vibration and my level of consciousness. This has helped me manifest the things I want so easily. I am learning to observe, connect and accept in order to be able to change my external reality more easily. I am very grateful for my great transformation and growth.

Claudio Turchetti


I was in my quest to let go and from the first session I felt a very strong healing and realesed many things. I suffered a lot from colitis and gastritis and was always inflamed. I understood that by releasing my stuck emotions, my health will improve. You become your own teacher and you no longer contain the stuck emotions. It helped me find myself, when i felt lost!

Alma Diaz

San Jose del Cabo

I am in love with the Acceptance Technique process. I have been able to discover part of myself that had been hidden to me, in addition iam living more in the present moment, enjoying it and transcending limitations.

Elim Frankilin


From the first time I started taking the sessions with Ricardo Martínez I felt like my anxiety was released from my body. The Acceptance Technique is very powerful and the amazing thing is how it immediately gives you great inner peace! I continue to use it to this day to improve my life and I have shared it with my entire family.


Patrick McMillan


Through the teachings of Ricardo Martínez and his sessions with the Acceptance Technique process I have managed to increase my level of consciousness and to discover very valuable lessons that have greatly helped me in my growth. I am extremely grateful for all the benefits that these sessions have brought to my life. Thanks!

Camellia Medrea


I feel very different and fantastic because Vero helped me transcend past traumas, which I had not been able to do on my own. I learned to see myself and heal internally, letting go and accepting what I feel.

Katy Herrera


One of the biggest changes I have had in the sessions with Ricardo Martínez is with the Acceptance Technique since it allows you to release your painful emotions in a very effective & gentle way. It really has been a life changing experience. I highly recommend these sessions because it has changed my life!



I just took a session and I was feeling very stuck in a situation about my work and personal life, and it helped me a lot. I highly recommend them.

Christian Pena


The sessions were very productive, lots of things came out from my childhood. I detected deep fears, insecurities, attachments and the need to be in control of everything. Now i have healed and manage way better my emotions.



Since I started my sessions with Ricardo Martínez, I feel like an onion that is peeling many layers. My energetic vibration is so strong that my hands feel warm and vibrate. The level of understanding in my mind is much faster and clearer. My physical body feels more and more vital and is shedding a lot of mental and emotional baggage. There is only one word I can find to describe this experience with the Acceptance Technique: Transformation, true transformation!

Mabel Pun



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